Burgergrille is a hamburger from the past!

We use Grass Fed Certified Angus Beef
Farm Fresh hand cut produce
Bakery fresh soft buns, buttered and grill toasted
Fresh Cut French Fries

Our Mission
We remember what a real hamburger was like in the good old days and want to return to that place in time.
We will be adding new items over time and will attempt to respond to customer suggestions and requests.
We look forward to seeing everyone in the near future
Our Story
Burgerville #1,#2 and #3 were opened in the 1960's by Morrison Crigler in Houston , Texas. I grew up eating at #1 on Shepherd Dr. It was a very simple place with an exceptionally good hamburger. After #1 closed, Morrison sold #2 to his head cook and chili chef Mr. Bob Long. Development and high rents forced the little burger stands out of business. Our burgers are cooked the same way as Morrison cooked them way back. We hope you enjoy our little burger stand!